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Your property in immersive 3D

Ready on Day 1

  1. Pacific Technical scans your property or loss site. 
  2. Within hours, your 3D Virtual Tour is ready to view. 
  3. Anyone, anywhere on the globe can view your site.
  4. Competent bidders can view and bid your project from anywhere. 
Inside View
Navigate your property like a videogame with the Inside View option. 
Dollhouse View
The Dollhouse View option allows you to reference the site in 3D to give users a better understanding of the layout. 
Floorplan View
Discuss site-specific takeoff and scope with the Floorplan view
Dollhouse View.jpg
Floor Plan View.jpg

Pacific Technical will Accurately document your Existing site conditions and provide you the data you need.

Site Measurements
Review your 3D site scan and verify or collect missing site measurements to within 1% accuracy. 
Wall Measurement.png

Free up project management time and Execute like a pro

Matterport Light.png
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